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Job Placement



Yes Works, LLC assists job seekers to acquire and keep a job.  We know that each job seeker is unique.  Yes Works, LLC provides individually tailored services aimed toward successful competitive employment.  Our services are designed around 5 principle strategies:


  • Getting to know the job seeker

  • Preparing for work

  • Finding job openings

  • Engaging employers

  • Facilitating transition to a job



  • Job seeker must be serious about securing a job including willingness to participate in achieving goals

  • Must be at least 16 years old

  • There is a reasonable expectation individual can benefit from the services provided

  • Must have a disability or other challenge that requires assistance for achieving  goals   

  • Sponsoring agency or individual


Who would benefit?

Individuals who are age 16 or above who are serious about competitive work


Services offered

Services are individualized and may include:

  • interview preparation and support

  • resume and cover letter development

  • job leads

  • application assistance

  • job coaching and follow along


How to access

  • Referral from Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Agreement through Ticket to Work



Contact us at 507-523-3333, use the contact form on this website, or email us at



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