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Benefit Planning



The purpose of Benefit Planning is to assist individuals who receive Social Security disability benefits (such as SSI or SSDI) and other public benefits (such as Medicare, MA, SNAP) to understand the impact of their employment goals on their benefits.  This assistance may include information or clarification of eligibility criteria, accessing work incentives, or information on various benefit options. Benefit planning emphasizes self-sufficiency and financial stability.


Benefit Planning includes the following services:

  • Benefit Analysis - This is a thorough written analysis of all benefits and the impact a work goal will have on those benefits.

  • Consultation - Yes Works, LLC will provide information, resource and referral.



  • Must be a Social Security disability beneficiary

  • Must have a work goal (example:  20 hours per week at $10/hour)


Who would benefit?

  • Most Social Security disability beneficiaries planning to go to work

  • Social Security disability beneficiaries anticipating work changes such as increase or decrease in work hours, a wage increase or decrease, or a promotion


Services do not include

  • Assisting individuals to get on Social Security or other benefits

  • Representation for appeals or over-payments


Consumer benefit

  • Provides informed choice

  • Takes fear out of going to work

  • Understand impact of earned income on Social Security and other benefits such as housing, SNAP, MA


Frequently asked questions

Q. Is my private information safe?

A.  Yes.  Yes Works, LLC will not share any personal information about you or the services you receive unless you give us written permission.  


Q.  How is this service paid for?

A.  There are 2 ways this service can be paid for:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Talk with your counselor about making a referral to Yes Works, LLC

  • Ticket to Work - Beneficiaries who assign their Ticket to Work to Yes Works, LLC may receive benefit planning service


Q.  What is a benefit planning specialist responsible for?

A benefit planning specialist is a highly knowledgeable and trained professional who understands many federal, state, and local assistance programs.  They will gather information about you, verify the benefits you receive, write a report, and explain how your work goal will impact benefits you receive.  They can also answer any questions you have about your benefits and work.  Nancy Wagner at Yes Works, LLC is a Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor certified through Virginia Commonwealth University.


Who do I contact?

For more information contact Yes Works, LLC at 507-523-3333, use the contact form on this website, or email us at

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